Cancer & blood disorders

    A winning strategy for care delivery

    Simmons Cancer Institute is the premier cancer care center in the region, home to SIU Medicine’s hematology and oncology units. Cancer treatment plans are formed collectively by our oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, counselors and chemotherapy-certified medical staff. Unique plans are tailored to each patient. The multidisciplinary collaborations provide the most effective care for you and your family, in the most efficient manner possible.

    Commitment to our patients is strengthened through our participation in clinical trials and basic science research. Clinical studies test or compare new treatments with current standard treatments, to find better ways to prevent, screen, diagnose and treat cancer. Basic science researchers work toward discoveries in cancer biology that will lead to better detection, treatment and prevention options in the future. This combination of research advancements and a team approach provides improved care for our patients.

    SCI’s oncologists and health care professionals treat most types of cancer, including surgical management of benign and malignant tumors, all under one roof. 

    Specializing in cancer care


    Melanoma Clinic

    Dr. Aziz Khan, executive director of Simmons Cancer Institute, discusses the importance of identifying and treating melanoma early. 

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    Robotic surgery to treat head & neck cancer

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    Latest news

    SIU Pharmacy offers cancer patients convenience, expertise

    The SIU Pharmacy at Simmons Cancer Institute recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary. It's located next to the Infusion Unit on the first floor of the Cancer Institute at 315 W. Carpenter.
    Summer internship

    Cancer Institute accepting research internship applications

    Applications for the 2023 summer lab internships at Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU School of Medicine are being accepted through February 27. Four positions will be awarded on a competitive basis to qualified college students who plan a career in medicine or research with a focus on cancer.

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